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Meet Our Partner: U-WASH PUPPY

As you follow along, you've noticed our partner group has been expanding. I want to bring great, local companies to you and highlight what they do and what makes them great. One of the sweetest and kindest people I have met is Meredith. She owns U-Wash Puppy in Shawnee Mission, KS. This is the 1st self-service dog wash in Kansas City. So I asked Meredith to answer a few questions about her business (and her!)

So what's U-Wash Puppy's Origin Story?

"U-Wash Puppy was started in 1993 and was Kansas Cities first self-service dog wash. It has changed hands a few times but the purpose has not changed. We provide a safe environment for owners to clean up their dirty dogs. "

What services do you offer? What makes you different?

"Our main focus is self-wash however we also offer full service grooming. Most places that offer self-wash do it as an afterthought. Their main focus is retail then they added a tub or two where our main focus is the self-wash. We have 7 stations. "

As soon as you walk in, you notice you have to unlock a "dog" gate (a baby gate that, let's be honest, I still struggle with :) ). You'll notice the raised tubs and the stairs to help the pups in and out. Everything about the environment was designed to keep pets and their owners safe. Plus - raised tubs - I never want to have to wash my dog in a normal bath again - total game-changer!

So I'm sure with so many animals coming in and out you have a few funny/interesting stories?

"I had a lady call me and ask if they could bring their 500 pound mini pony! I explained all of our tubs are elevated so if he would walk up the stairs we could make it happen. Unfortunately she didn’t think he would. But how cool would that have been?!?!"

You can always catch awesome pups at U-Wash Puppy. And sometimes you can even catch the store manager hanging out behind the desk. He's pretty sweet - but I may also have a mild obsession with him. You can find him on Instagram

Enzo - The Shop Manager

Tell me a little about the rescues you work with - I know you allow them to come do washes on your “off days”?

"I started volunteering/fostering for Unleashed Pet Rescue 5 years ago. So after I bought the shop it was only right that I tie the two together. Great Plains was already coming in every two weeks to wash up shelter dogs. So of course I continued that. No one wants to cuddle a stinky dog! They have a better chance of being adopted if they look and smell nice."

Anything else you want to leave us on?

"We are a mom and pop shop. We love our customers and pride ourselves on getting to know people and their animals!"

So this month, U-Wash Puppy is giving us coupons to include in our Monthly Boxes! And we can't wait to get them over to you. Swing by and check out their awesome facilities and atmosphere!

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