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Santa Paws is Coming to Town!

December is a great month full of lots of fun! Don't forget to include your fur-babies in some of that fun. Here's our top 5 ideas to include your favorite companion and show them a little love this paw-liday season!

Watch Santa Paws!

No, seriously, our babies love it. And it's become a guilt pleasure. Or the Grinch or Santa Buddies or literally any Christmas movie with dogs! (Sometimes we make a whole night or several nights of it!)

Tank LOVES to snuggle and watch movies

Dress them up for photos with Santa!

I mean, people do it with their kids, so why not dogs? Check you local pet shops - they are sure to be have Santa in!

Are you in the Kansas City area? Come to join Petey's Playhouse at Rock & Brews on December 13th for a photo with Santa! Or do you need a cute bow like Livi is sporting? Check out Cheeky Chic Bows!

Get them cozy blankets to snuggle in.

It gets cold - even with a fur coat. Our boys love to snuggle up and carry around the blankets we get them this time of year - nothing fancy, just some cheap throws, but they love to play and snuggle in them!

Let them open presents!

Note: I do not recommend getting rawhides for your pet - we were young, inexperienced dog pawrents :)

This was our first Christmas... and maybe it got a little out of hand. But this year is our first Christmas with our Molly Pop - we can't wait to spoil her!

Get them cookies and toys they can enjoy!

Dogs can't have all the sugar that we usually use. They also can't have nutmeg or large amounts of Cream of Tartar - often used in holiday baking. So we have you covered on that. Or maybe try a recipe of your own! We won't tell ;)


Most of all, in this crazy, busy busy time of year, remember that they love you and just want to be part of your world. So include them in your family activities. There's plenty going on, but they need love too.

Show your pup some love this holiday season!

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