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Meet Our Partners: Petey's Playhouse Pet Services

As most of you that follow this blog and our social media know, we just announced 2 exciting things last week. First, we are going to have the Treat Waggin' hitting Kansas City this spring. Second, there will be select items from our partners on the truck! And each month, we are going to include a special gift from our partners in the Barkville Monthly Box.

So up first on our partner's list is Petey's Playhouse Pet Services (or PETEY’S for short).

We are excited to have Lisa and her team on board for this new challenge. PETEY’S provides the best comfort and care for your dog, cat, tortoise, or really any animal, while you are away in your home - whether that be just at work all day or gone on vacation for a week. PETEY’S currently has a client roster of over 3,000 clients in Greater Kansas City and Greater St. Louis area and walks on average 200 dogs a day! They offer specialized care for pets that deserve more including same day VISITS and overnight STAYS at your location. This incredible company even offers Wedding Pet Care services locally and on a national basis and is highly regarded in the industry as a top pet services company. If you haven’t watched one of their #peteysCELEBRATE GoPro Video wedding summaries we highly recommend it.

My goal over the next few months is to introduce you to local pet professionals that are really making a difference in our community. And that's exactly what the PETEY’S team does. Any given day they are caring for their 4 legged clients, planning for their next #peteysONTHEPATIO to give back to local rescues, delivering thank you #peteysDOUGHNUTDROPS at local veterinarians and pet care businesses, or sponsoring any number of community events. PETEY’S is well known for donating to rescue and nonprofit organizations in town and if you’re lucky you may see a coveted #peteysCOZY hoodie on a silent auction table. If you do, we highly recommend you bid or purchase online, they are incredibly well….COZY - trust us, we have one we wear ALL the time. Somehow between all of this, Lisa finds time to donate design time for rescues and fundraisers during the year. When we were speaking with her she was finishing up the Pawsitive Tails, Ales & Tails design for their benefit at the end of the month. Sometimes, you can even catch Lisa out walking around the interstate looking for lost dogs (which she is quick to point out they are not clients. Lisa and members of her team help locate lost and stolen pets in the area in their spare time - they even carry microchip scanners with them just in case someone needs help identifying a found pet). There's never a dull moment.

Lisa has taken the time to get to know the needs of her customers and community and develop a business that takes the time to listen and care. PETEY’S services report through a client app and are all time tracked and monitored, a sub system is in place and they even have a vet tech on staff. Lisa is also a volunteer on the FEMA Certified Animal Response Volunteer and her and another team PETEY’S member are on the Kansas State Certified Animal Response Volunteer Team as well. Every PETEY’S team member is thoroughly vetted (pun-intended) pet care professionals. Each member of the team is bonded and insured, which is incredibly important in the industry and something that many pet parents don’t consider until it’s too late. PETEY’S Team Members are Pet CPR and First Aid Trained and have policies in place to care for pets in all types’ emergency situations.

When asked what pet owners should know about in home pet care, Lisa shared that “you don’t have to use PETEY’S, but if you interview a pet care provider they should always be insured, bonded, and pet cpr+first aid trained. Ask these questions before anything else and ask for a certificate of insurance. These answers don’t matter unless there’s a crisis and then they are the only answers that matter. We are often brought in on emergency situations because pet owners didn’t hire a professional at the beginning or thought their sitter was insured. The horror stories are endless. Asking to see a certificate of insurance is one of our first recommendations, professional care providers will have this to show you.”

Do you have a diabetic cat or dog with behavior issues? Do you have a pup that pulls you down when walking? Do you have a pup that needs to be held during a thunderstorm? Or maybe they love everyone and are a little too rambunctious? PETEY’S pairs you with walkers, sitters, and trainers who understand that sometimes our dogs are a little eccentric, because they've dealt with the stress of leaving their beloved pets, too. They love and care for your animals as their own. You won't find a better group to trust with your pet.

One of the most interesting things I’ve learned about PETEY’S Pet Services is they work closely with many of the rescue groups in the area - specifically The Pet Connection, and have cared for animals with significant behavior challenges with ease. Lisa jokes that she never really knows what she is signing up for with these pups but many times the dogs don’t have another option so PETEY’S steps up. Currently Lisa is watching a beautiful pit bull named Kaboom that carries a history of behavioral concerns. “He has been one of the most amazing dogs we have cared for and we have fallen in love with him. We have not experienced any negative behavior – honestly, many times the dogs just need love and a safe space and they fit right in. He deserves the best home - if our weenie dog would approve, we would keep him in a heartbeat.”


So back to our partnership with PETEY’S. In spring we are going to be launching the Treat Waggin' and we HAD to bring on our friends. Of course, one of the top on that list was Lisa. She's going to provide Barkville Bakery with great options for your pet like PETEY’S Paw Butter. This all natural product heals those cracked dry noses and paw pads on your sweet pup and works incredibly fast sometimes overnight. We all know extreme weather can be rough on our skin, but it can be rough on our pets as well. PETEY’S Paw Butter sells out all over Kansas City and is sold in St. Louis. It was also presented to one of the largest national retailers in November during their annual pet product reviews. It’s a hot product and works great in all seasons as paw pads and noses dry out all year long. This month, in our Winter Wooferland Barkville Monthly Box, you'll receive a free travel size Paw Butter! So don't miss out! **UPDATE: Lisa messaged us today and shared she is upgrading the travel PETEY’S Paw Butter for our box in January, everyone will now will be receiving a 1oz PETEY’S Paw Butter – a $10.00 value per paw butter.

Want to know more about this great company? Find them online, Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @Peteysplayhousekc or check out their new fabulous blog The Dogoblogo. Use referral code "BarkvilleBakery" when you sign up for 20% off your first PETEY’S service.

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