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Meet Our Partners: Nature's Select

If you've been following along, there's some awesome partnerships coming up with Barkville Bakery and other local pet businesses. One of the very first people I met in the Kansas City pet community was Emery Kittle. He was instrumental in me starting this adventure with the Treat Waggin'. Despite running a business himself and having a busy family, he took time out of his schedule to talk with me about my business and ways we could partner. For that, I am very thankful and proud to be official partners with Nature's Select.

Nature's Select has been on the market for 25 years without a recall - somewhat of a feat in today's industry. They combine an excellent pet food with an even better customer service. Does your dog shed? Or maybe they have gas? Or itchy skin? Nature's Select has a food for that! And I'll let you in on a little secret - our Taste Testers at Barkville Bakery LOVE IT. I've had issues finding a food that the two pitties and the collie could agree on, but Nature's Select had the answer. They all come running at dinner time. For Cooper, that's REALLY out of character. For the 4 years he's been with me, he's been a grazer. He'd come by and eat a mouth full and then leave it for hours. Sometimes not eating at all for a day. However, when I first opened the sample bag of Nature's Select Cold Water Recipe Emery gave me, Cooper was 100% on board. Now he's just as excited as the other two when it's food time.

Now back to that excellent customer service. They go the extra mile to make sure you love their food by providing free samples and expert advice. Every month, without fail, I receive a personalized email to remind me to buy food. Once I place my order, they offer free home delivery in the Kansas City Metro. To make it even easier on me, they deliver to my office and load it in my truck! The process is incredibly easy. And just a glance at their website or Facebook reviews will show you that they go above and beyond frequently for their customers - same day deliveries, changing food out, educating their customer base. That's not something you find with bigger chains. It's the personal touch of a local entrepreneur and his family coupled with an amazing food.


I can rant and rave about their food and service all day long. But when it comes down to it, there's some things that just can't be matched between the pet industry and all others I've been a part of - and that's compassion. With these spotlights, I'm hoping to introduce you to companies in this industry that encompass that idea. Emery and his family go by the motto "Pets before Profits". So they partner with local shelters and rescues through

The money raised - $23k in just over two years - goes to local organizations like Mission Driven Goods, Spay & Neuter KC, Pawsitive Tails Rescue, and 4 others that you can choose to put your order towards. The money provides much needed resources for these organizations. This includes the over 8,000 lbs of kitty litter donated last year to these local shelters and rescues.


Overall, it's the little things that make Nature's Select stand out in a sea of pet food companies. It's the well-timed emails that remind me to refill my pup's food container. It's the notes on my invoices - telling me Happy Thanksgiving or to stay warm in this crazy midwest weather. And it's the willingness of Emery and his wife Jena to take the time and answer questions and make sure you are getting what is best for your pet while giving back to the Kansas City pet community.

I'm excited to have them as my partner for the Treat Waggin' and to provide my customers with a sample of their food in Barkville's Monthly Box for February.

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