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It's November! What's happening at Barkville Bakery?


Now, Halloween in my favorite holiday - hands down - but November holds a special place in my heart. Mostly because - TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! and that's super exciting. And in 2 weeks it will be Cooper's birthday. And just a week after that, we are looking at Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday. I think that's because it's all about being with family and being thankful for those around you.

Barkville Monthly Box Theme

This month, there's a lot going on. We have 2 events out and about

First is November 10th in Louisburg, KS at their Holiday Market. Second is the Holiday Market in Lowry City, MO. Both are bound to be full of holiday cheer with crafters and small, local businesses.

On November 8th, Barkville Bakery and Teal Paws are teaming up for an Online Bake Sale!

Check out more about Teal Paws at

For 4 days, Barkville is going to run a bake sale online - you can join the Facebook event!

Details on our Bake Sale

We can't wait for all the exciting events and happenings. So keep checking back on our blog for more info and more ways to join our community!

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