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Meet Our Partners: Farmstead 51 Mercantile

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Eden and I met in December at an event that can only be described as abysmal. Because of this however, the vendors were able to move about and network. So let me tell you a little about Eden and Farmstead 51 Mercantile!

What does F51M do and how did it start?

"F51 Mercantile started because we wanted to provide people and their dogs great quality products at an affordable price. We’ve all spent too much money on an item from a big-box store only to have it fail. We started out with the reversible bandana and wow did we go through a gazillion prototypes before we landed on one we liked and that lasted. With our reversible bandana, you get two different looks, it can be personalized and it securely attaches with a button. We love the button because it’s easy to use, stays on really well and makes the bandana very adjustable for different sizes of dogs. And it’s machine washable, bonus!"

And my dear, sweet blog readers, you know I LOVE me some washable dogwear. These bandanas are Cooper and Tank tested! Just look how cute they are in their Chiefs/Plaid Reversible Bandanas:

These awesome bandanas button on and stay secure despite these crazy farm dogs :)

Eden continues: "My husband, Nick, and I own and operate Farmstead 51. Since 2012, we raise and breed the best Goldendoodles in the Midwest. We have exacting standards and only breed the right parents to produce healthy and happy puppies. We purposefully breed for temperament as many of our puppies have “jobs” as therapy, support or service dogs. So many of our families had questions about what products to buy and where and told us horror stories about spending oodles of money on something that didn’t last 10 minutes. So we started stocking a few select products just for our families and the Mercantile just naturally grew from there. The best part is that all of our products are things that we use everyday and last with our herd of 9."

9?!?! I thought 3 was a lot! But you can see why Barkville Bakery puts their trust in this brand. They are thoroughly tested and made with the best materials!

What Else Does F51M do?

"We also carry a handful of boutique Made in the USA brands that are amazing and not readily available in the KC area. For collars and leashes, we carry Lupine Pet, which has a ton of styles and prints all with a lifetime guarantee at an affordable buy-one-for-every-season price of around $30 for a collar and 6’ leash. They also make a 2’ traffic leash that I LOVE for anytime we’re going out and I want my buddy right on my hip without a handful of leash. For fancy collars, we carry Crew Lala bowtie and belle bow collars which are made in South Carolina and are just as adorable as they are sturdy. The bowtie is removable so you can mix-n-match patterns but the collar is really great just by itself. Recently, we started making crackers and cookies with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives. We only make these for events or by special order. Our herd’s favorite is Ginger Snap (and my personal favorite) and they are in a different shape for each event or season. We are excited to continue to expand our cracker and cookie offerings this year."

Where can we find you - other than the Treat Waggin'? ;)

"We try participate in one event each month, whether it’s a quarterly sale at our home in Blue Springs or a shopping event throughout the city. Our next event is May 19, Beers & Boutiques with 3 Anchors Boutique in Lake Lotawana. This is a great boutique shopping event that’s dog and kid-friendly and you’ll have the opportunity to see about 35 small businesses in one parking lot. It’s really alot of fun! You can also purchase our products on-line through Facebook and our semi-regular flash sales. Come find us at an event coming up soon or place an online order!"

If you've kept up with our Meet Our Partners series, you know we support local. And Farmstead 51 Mercantile is no different. This family-owned and run business is fantastic and really supports their community. You'll be able to find their reversible bandanas and (hopefully soon) other products on the Treat Waggin'! We can't wait for this partnership to grow!

And bonus cute puppy picture, because why not :)

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