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Meet Our Partners: Beer Paws

When you first start out in business or anything really, you are always surprised when people recognize you. I had been following Beer Paws for a while - watching their Facebook live videos and keeping up with where they were. I knew I wanted my brand to be as recognizable as theirs. So, when I ran into Crystal Wiebe - owner and founder of Beer Paws - it surprised me that she knew who I was and what Barkville Bakery was. We spent the next several months discussing how Beer Paws and Barkville Bakery could partner. At the time, I was just throwing the Treat Waggin around but was highly encouraged that a business I had looked up to was interested in partnering with me. I am overwhelmingly excited to have Beer Paws and Crystal on my team for the Treat Waggin' journey. So let me tell you a little more about them.

Beer Paws was founded in 2013. When asked about the origin story Crystal said...

Before I started Beer Paws, I actually had a dog blog. I wrote about life as a dog mom as well as my adventures in rescue. At some point, I decided I wanted to offer a product to my blog followers. Around that same time, Boulevard Brewing Company switched from twist off caps on their bottles to pry off caps. Suddenly, I felt like I was often looking for my bottle opener. One day, it hit me that I should put a bottle opener on the golden retriever - he was always nearby and so I’d always have access to my opener if I needed it! That bottle opener dog tag was the first Beer Paws product I ever sold. Within a few months, I began working with craft breweries on the dog treats and developing the other products.

You can purchase some of their great products around town at your local brewery. With partnerships across Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Arkansas, you are sure to find your favorite brewer. You can even sort by brewery on their website to ensure your treats are made with their grains! And of course - they have your favorite drinking buddy covered with their very own dog beer - 100% dog safe. And 100% Tank-Approved. Which is always important in our book. After all, he's best at quality control.

Notice that awesome red paw "camo" on the treat display? Well you can find Crystal around town in her Jeep - I'd say it stands out. You can always tell when Beer Paws is at an event! But if you can't wait, you can also order online or at many local retailers.


What new and exciting things are in store for Beer Paws this year?

"This will be my sixth year in business, and I am really excited to forge ahead! Recently, I made a major change by moving my office and warehouse out of my actual house! Currently, I share space with another party animal brand - the Kansas City catnip company Meowijuana, LLC. Although part of Beer Paws still is based in my home, having a separate place to do a lot of the business stuff has been amazing for my daily sanity.

Beyond this, Beer Paws has some new products and flavors in development. Look out for our collaboration with Black Lab Meads, releasing this week.

And my team is very busy organizing some dog-friendly pub crawls that will bring hundreds of dogs to local bars and breweries!"

One of the things Barkville Bakery is excited to announce - we will be part of Beer Paws KC Pup Crawl!

On Sunday May 19th, pups and their owners will be able to join us at the Crossroads in Kansas City. Here's a little more about it from Crystal:

"On Sunday, May 19, Beer Paws is hosting our second annual Beer Paws Crawl through the Crossroads district of Kansas City. During this exciting event, people will be able to take their dogs to about 10 different bars, breweries and other Kansas City businesses. Last year, we had about 300 participants, and it was a blast!

It works like this: Participants will check in at one central location, where they will receive a passport. That passport will unlock discounts, deals and freebies at each participating location. You get to pick your own route during the event. We just hope that everyone shows up at the end for raffle drawings and an after party at Grinders.

There will also be a pre-party and brunch at Bar K. And the Barley Bus will be available to VIP ticket holders who may wish to catch a ride to different locations (space permitting).

Tickets are already on sale for the pup crawl and going fast. You can reserve your spot at

We are also planning a similar event for Thursday, May 9, in Lincoln, Nebraska!"


Now onto our partnership. You'll probably see me repping Beer Paws Snacks and Swag while Crystal reps some Barkville Bakery Treats over the coming months. We wouldn't have it any other way. Our community is better because we work together and provide options for you - the pet owner.

That's my vision behind the Treat Waggin', and this is why I want Beer Paws and Crystal on my team. When asked what final thoughts she would want to leave on, Crystal said, "Starting a small business is by far the most exciting and most challenging thing I have ever done. Some days are really amazing and others are downright hard. When you make a purchase from a little company like mine or Kayla’s, you are having a direct impact on our lives. Supporting small business touches lives."

When you make a purchase from a little company like mine or Kayla’s, you are having a direct impact on our lives. Supporting small business touches lives.

Being a petprenuer with Crystal and my other partners has made this journey a little more fun and a little less lonely.

So...Where can you get Beer Paws?

You are in luck! Head over to by March 15th to grab March's Barkville Monthly Box to get a free snack pack (or you can grab a dog beer with your Birthday Box Purchase).

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