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3 Ways to Keep Your Pup Entertained in this Cold Weather

With winter in full swing in Kansas City, we want to provide you with a few ways to burn off your dog's extra energy when they can't go outside.

If your dog isn't all about the snow (like Miss Jetta is), let's show you some ideas that gets that energy out!

1. Play Games!

Your pup will love to learn something new! When you can't physically exercise your dog - the next best thing is mental exercise! So here's an idea - teach your dog to play hide and seek! Especially if you have little ones, you can make it fun for the whole family. Have your dog sit in their kennel with the door open (or anywhere where they can't see you). Hide in a bathroom or other room and tell your dog to come find you! Be sure to reward using lots of verbal praise and maybe even a Barkville Bakery treat - like Pupkin Spice ;) After 5-6 rounds of this, your pup should settle down.

Just, don't let your dog hide under the covers for too long.

Don't have a big house? Or confined to an apartment?

Put those soft toys to good use!

Try a 'find the treat' game. Hide a treat or small toy under cups or bowls, mix them around, and have your dog pick which one has the prize!

Need something more active for them? Try playing ball down the hall or going up and down the stairs!

2. Learn New Tricks!

Teach obedience and fun new tricks to keep your pup entertained!

Have you been meaning to teach your dog that cute new trick? Or work on obedience? Now's your chance! Short training times (5-10 mins) multiple times during the day will give you the best results. I'm not a dog trainer, so I won't be able to help you with specifics, but there's tons of free information on Youtube from reputable trainers. Watch the videos and teach your dog some neat tricks to show off next time you are at the dog park!

3. Long-Term Toys/Snacks!

Do you have a Kong toy? Or maybe a bully stick you've been saving up? Give that to your pup! One of our favorite Kong stuffing recipes in our house is peanut butter and kibble. This is a good way to keep those chewers happy and out of trouble.

Most importantly, make sure you have time for snuggles - and naps! And maybe some hot cocoa for you and Apple Cider Donuts for your dog. After all of that - you both deserve it!

Tell us what keeps your dog busy on cold, rainy, or snowy days!

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